Fast Support Pty Ltd (ABN 11 149 250 804)

The following conditions apply when you use our services and/or purchase goods from us.  In order for us to supply goods to you or to perform services request from you, you agree that you have read and accept our terms and conditions.  We reserve the right to change these conditions from time to time.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

1. Definitions

“Fast Support” or “We” or “us” or “our” means Fast Support Pty Limited (ABN 11 149 250 804);

“Customer” or “you” means a person or a firm or a corporation that we provide services or supply goods to;

“Goods” means any products or goods (including software) that we supply to you;

“Services” means all services performed by us for you.


2. What we provide

We provide our services by On-Site (visiting your home or office) or Remote & Phone (fix it remotely & over the phone).

2.1 On-Site Services

On-Site services involve our Fast Support technicians visiting your home or office (Premises) requested by you at the appointment time.  When we visit your Premises, you acknowledge that you have read our terms and conditions and accept these terms and conditions in order for us to perform services to you.

You must ensure that a person of at least 18 years of age is present for the duration of the on-site services.

You must provide our technicians access to your premises, necessary passwords to your computer and electrical power and internet access (where applicable) and make sure it is a safe working environment.

2.2 Remote Services

Remote & Phone services provide a technician to diagnosis the problem and solve it over the phone and access your computer remotely.  You must have a fast, broadband internet connection for us to provide remote & phone services to you.  In order for us to perform this service we must have your permission to access your computer.  In the event that we cannot solve the problem, we will provide an alternative way to resolve your problem including on-site service if you are within our service area.

3. Charges and Payment

Payments for goods and services must be made by cash or credit card on completion of the job.  Credit card payments will attract a Merchant Service Fee (MSF) of 1% for Visa and MasterCard. We do not accept AMEX.

All our services are chargeable and are charged as the rate below.

Onsite Services – minimum 1 hour and then half hour increment.
Remote Services – minimum 30 mins and then 15 mins increment.

All goods that are supplied from us to you (including hardware or software) are charged separately from the services.

In case of cancellation of appointments given less than four (4) business hour notice for on-site service, we may charge the first hour’s service fee for loss and expense caused. (This fee will be credited to your next service).

4. Service Guarantee

4.1 No fix No fee

If we cannot fix or diagnose your problem, we will not charge you for those services in respect of that problem. In some cases, the solution might be upgrading or replacing your software or hardware devices. If we advise you to do so and you choose not to upgrade or replace your software or hardware, you accept that we have met our obligation to you by providing you a solution to your problem, whether or not you choose to implement the solution.


We offer a 7 days warranty on all our services (On-Site and Remote). If you notify us of a problem with the services you were provided within the 7 day period and our diagnosis of the problem indicates that our services were not performed satisfactorily, we will work to provide a solution to your problem quickly at no additional cost of you (Service Guarantee).

You acknowledge that computers are complicated and sometimes problems are more deeply rooted or complicated than initially diagnosed. You also acknowledge the fact that a problem occurs with your computer after our visit and within the warranty period maybe be unrelated to the work we performed for you and is therefore outside the scope of our Service Guarantee.


When we sell you equipment, hardware or software, we may be selling such equipment, hard or software on behalf of a third party manufacturer or licensor. We do not warrant that the operation of any software we install or service will be uninterrupted or error free. You acknowledge that software (and information technology and communications products generally), including your software, may have errors and may encounter unexpected problems, and accordingly, you may experience downtime and errors in the use of the software. You also acknowledge that your use of such software may be subject to a third party license.

5. Customer’s Responsibilities

5.1 Back up your data

Computers are complicated and while doing technical work there is always some chance that the data are lost. The only way to really protect from data loss is to back up all of your files. Therefore we highly recommend our customers to back up all your software, files and data that are stored on your computer and/or any other storage devices you have before we begin to work.

You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to back up all your software, files and data before we provide any services to you. If for some reason you cannot back up your data, we can also offer back up service for you if you request us to do it.

5.2 Software

If our services involve the installation of software, then you must provide our technicians with the installation disks for your operating system or software along with a product key for this software.